In oltre 70 anni di attività nel settore degli utensili per filettare, la strada percorsa è stata tanta.
Con l’ampliamento dell’area coperta destinata a produzione e la costruzione, una decina di anni fa, dello stabilimento dedicato alla Ricerca e Sviluppo - la UFS Technology - riteniamo ad oggi di offrire prodotti e servizi avanzati. L'introduzione e la continua evoluzione di moderni software personalizzati permette un coordinamento della gestione operativa e finanziaria. La produzione viene assistita, dall'ordine alla consegna, ottimizzando i flussi e permettendo di creare spazi esecutivi per l'introduzione costante di nuove tipologie di utensili specifici per la lavorazione di materiali impegnativi e di ultima generazione.

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A little bit about UFS

In almost 70 years of operation in the threading tools sector, UFS has succeeded in adapting its resources to the market’s needs, with technical, productive and organisational transformations that have brought it into competition with the biggest companies in the world. UFS has never fallen behind with regard to new products, new technologies or additional services, a lack of which would have prevented it from being competitive on the domestic and international markets.
Production expansions, new research departments, quality certifications and the use of state-of-the-art computerised systems for design and for the planning of orders, have been on-going, natural evolutions. The introduction of modern software products, custom-made to suit the company’s needs, has allowed perfect coordination in terms of operational and financial management. Production is assisted from the date we receive the order until delivery to the customer, thanks to efficient planning of activities and checks on progress. Throughout the whole cycle of development, until delivery, optimising flows and allowing the creation of executive spaces to introduce new types of specific tools, satisfying the processing of hard to handle state-of-the-art materials in the highest band. For all threading requirements, UFS is able to offer the right answer with a standard product from its catalogue or by designing a product “tailor-made” for the Customer.

Birth and transformations

1947:   Start of production of threading tools
1975:   Construction of new plant and corporate reorganisation
1995:   Extension of indoor area for new product lines - Development of international sales organisation
2000:   New UFS Research premises dedicated to tests and innovative developments (UFS Technology)
2006:   Complete corporate reorganisation and compliance with ISO 9000
2013:   Start-up of new hardening and PVD coating systems (complete control of the production cycle)
2014:   Reorganisation of testing processes in UFS Technology
2016:   Nuovo impianto di rivestimento in PVD
2017/18:   Updating production in line with Industry 4.0
2018 +   ...Running the TOP !


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