In oltre 70 anni di attività nel settore degli utensili per filettare, la strada percorsa è stata tanta.
Con l’ampliamento dell’area coperta destinata a produzione e la costruzione, una decina di anni fa, dello stabilimento dedicato alla Ricerca e Sviluppo - la UFS Technology - riteniamo ad oggi di offrire prodotti e servizi avanzati. L'introduzione e la continua evoluzione di moderni software personalizzati permette un coordinamento della gestione operativa e finanziaria. La produzione viene assistita, dall'ordine alla consegna, ottimizzando i flussi e permettendo di creare spazi esecutivi per l'introduzione costante di nuove tipologie di utensili specifici per la lavorazione di materiali impegnativi e di ultima generazione.

+39 0124 818001

UFS continues to expand, exporting to various European and non-European countries (particularly to Asian and South American markets) through selected companies, and the continuing action of our direct agents dedicated to the foreign markets, consolidates our presence with growing appreciation. UFS is used by the leading automotive and aircraft construction firms.

Thanks to a large finished products warehouse, “UFS Logistics” is able to take orders and dispatch them quickly:

• Standard products, within 24 hours
• Special products, within 6 weeks of order and approval by  UFS

Warehouse inventories are subject to dynamic control, achieved thanks to sales analysis and forecasting programs, capable of correctly dimensioning stocks. The UFS logistics system enables satisfaction of the most varied requests, both in terms of code and quantity.
We have an interesting user support system to offer a view of what is available in our warehouse: the B2B platform (access is through password), with which you can check the availability of the products contained in our standard catalogue, in real time. If the user/customer is interested in purchasing a product, he/she can place on-line orders immediately, filling the cart, without closing the B2B app; these orders will be quickly confirmed. (The access and consulting technique is described in the specific “B2B” chapter).

UFS sells its products in over 40 countries throughout the world, through its own sales network and specialised sales chains (private label). It is one of Italian leading manufacturers of threading tools, with over 400 customers. Over the years, UFS has consolidated an important Market image, supplying  excellent quality products, competing with the leading Italian and international companies.
Besides constant penetration of the European Market, important consideration is given to the Asian, South American and North Africa Markets, which absorb over 40% of our production. You can send your next request for a bid, without any commitment, to our Commercial Service (E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), indicating your role within the company, so that we can contact you and present our bid.

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