• 70 years of experience dedicated to the production of threading tools.
• State-of-the-art specialised rectifying machines, finishing processes to suit even the hardest processing requirements, in-line dimensional checks.
• Production is made responsible for the quality and the delivery date of the products, in compliance with the order.
• UFS Production supplies threading taps (DIN, ISO, JIS, …) and special taps made to customer design or UFS design created to customer specifications.
• ISO 9000 certified, Production is fully compliant with working safety standards according to Law 626.
• The best price/performance ratio, for constantly adapted executive capacity through modernisation of production units.
• Entirely in-house production cycle (turning – shape hardening – finishing - coating)
• Manufacturing of products with diameters from 2 mm to 160 mm
• Cutting and rolling threading taps, with or without lubrication and cooling holes.


Standard Taps

The "standard" UFS tap covers the usual needs of users, in compliance with DIN standards.
The current catalogue (30/1-2015), which features over 5,000 products, surely has the tool you need.

Special Taps

UFS also makes threading tools to specific customer requirements; the production of this type of tool accounts for the 30% of the company’s turnover.

Gauges and dies

In addition to threading tapes, the UFS catalogue also contains "dies" and a range of control and calibration instruments (gauges).

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