Technical catalogue 30/1

  The completeness of the company’s products is highlighted when you look at Catalogue 30/1.

Over 5,000 product codes covering all the main threading standards
Technical tables on materials, drilling specifications, etc.


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TOP Line


The “TOP” line of tools was created in response to the market’s development needs and represents the highest quality expression of UFS products. TOP tools are built with sintered steels with a high content of Cobalt and Vanadium, for uses on materials up to 52 HRC, or in hard metal for higher performances. The care, finish and preparation processes before and after surface treatments ensure the best production performances to this range of products. The colour rings facilitate the identification of the product application.


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social“Highlights” regard particularly functional and performing products (or product families), which UFS intends to offer its clientele, highlighting their specific characteristics of general (or special) interest.
This is an important focus for all customers who expect suggestions for use of more significant products or new products, generated by search results.

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