VS-Cast Iron ADI+

socialUFS has developed and optimised a tool dedicated to the tapping of ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) cast iron. These new types of cast iron have good possibilities of use, due to their mechanical and economic characteristics (low production costs, easy casting; weight-properties ratio;  resistance to vibration, easy recycling), which make them competitive in numerous light alloy, plastic and composite industrial engineering sectors (particularly automotive production). The type of tap referred to as “ADITAP” gives performances up to 600% compared to a normal cast iron tap. The description and the characteristics are shown in Catalogue 30, with codes K26M…TXS; K27M….TXS; K27MF….TXS.

View VS Cast Iron ADi brochure

Series V82 - V83 Taps

socialA new concept tap for difficult materials which tend to stick (stainless steels (INOX)). The tap is made with spiral flutes with strong torque (48°), for blind holes with a depth of up to 3.5 x D. Coated in “TXC” (UFS name), the V82 and V83 tap ensures a high level of productivity, durability and reliability, also when used with medium strength steel. TXC coating offers excellent protection against wear and tear and prevents the material being processed from sticking, thanks to a layer of “lubricant material” contained in the hard “multi-layer” coating. The V82-V83 also ensures easy processing with good control of shavings and a dramatic reduction in the formation of built up edge. The description and the characteristics of the V……. families are shown in Catalogue 30, with codes V82M…TXC; V83M... TXC; V82MF...; TXC...

View Series V82 e V83 brochure

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