In oltre 70 anni di attività nel settore degli utensili per filettare, la strada percorsa è stata tanta.
Con l’ampliamento dell’area coperta destinata a produzione e la costruzione, una decina di anni fa, dello stabilimento dedicato alla Ricerca e Sviluppo - la UFS Technology - riteniamo ad oggi di offrire prodotti e servizi avanzati. L'introduzione e la continua evoluzione di moderni software personalizzati permette un coordinamento della gestione operativa e finanziaria. La produzione viene assistita, dall'ordine alla consegna, ottimizzando i flussi e permettendo di creare spazi esecutivi per l'introduzione costante di nuove tipologie di utensili specifici per la lavorazione di materiali impegnativi e di ultima generazione.

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Special Applications  

Certain categories of use such as Automotive, Nautical, Wind power, require frequent "technical interpretations" by UFS for its Customers.
UFS dedicates Tool Classes to these, as well as all its vast experience and advanced technology. The brochure shows the major fields of application in which UFS competes in the Global Market.

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The “TOP” line of tools was created in response to the market’s development needs and represents the highest quality expression of UFS products. TOP tools are built with sintered steels with a high content of Cobalt and Vanadium, for uses on materials up to 52 HRC, or in hard metal for higher performances. The care, finish and preparation processes before and after surface treatments ensure the best production performances to this range of products. The colour rings facilitate the identification of the product application.


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all seasons  

This extract from the technical catalogue was created with the intent of helping the customer choose the most suitable tool, as it contains the most sold products - and therefore the best performing according to the market - from the technical catalogue 30/1.
The product code and corresponding technical table applied are accompanied with the price to make consultation faster and simpler, therefore allowing you to compare the quality of the tool with its price. Naturally, we suggest that you still check out the full range of UFS products, which can be found either on this website or in the full paper catalogue. If you don't have one, ask for one by sending an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A new concept tap for difficult materials which tend to stick (stainless steels (INOX)). The tap is made with spiral flutes with strong torque (48°), for blind holes with a depth of up to 3.5 x D. Coated in “TXC” (UFS name), the V82 and V83 tap ensures a high level of productivity, durability and reliability, also when used with medium strength steel. TXC coating offers excellent protection against wear and tear and prevents the material being processed from sticking, thanks to a layer of “lubricant material” contained in the hard “multi-layer” coating. The V82-V83 also ensures easy processing with good control of shavings and a dramatic reduction in the formation of built up edge. The description and the characteristics of the V……. families are shown in Catalogue 30, with codes V82M…TXC; V83M... TXC; V82MF...; TXC...

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