In oltre 70 anni di attività nel settore degli utensili per filettare, la strada percorsa è stata tanta.
Con l’ampliamento dell’area coperta destinata a produzione e la costruzione, una decina di anni fa, dello stabilimento dedicato alla Ricerca e Sviluppo - la UFS Technology - riteniamo ad oggi di offrire prodotti e servizi avanzati. L'introduzione e la continua evoluzione di moderni software personalizzati permette un coordinamento della gestione operativa e finanziaria. La produzione viene assistita, dall'ordine alla consegna, ottimizzando i flussi e permettendo di creare spazi esecutivi per l'introduzione costante di nuove tipologie di utensili specifici per la lavorazione di materiali impegnativi e di ultima generazione.

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The “TOP” line of tools was created in response to the market’s development needs and represents the highest quality expression of UFS products.
Excellent for applications in all processes and materials for high  productions.

The TOP line stands out in terms of:
• The quality of the steel used, which allows use in the processing of materials up to 52 HRC, (sintered steels with a high carbon and vanadium content, or tools made of hard metal (MDI) for harder processing materials).
• The processing and finishing of tools requiring repeated cycles in preparation for surface treatments and PVD coatings.
• The presence of a coloured ring, to simplify the choice of the tool, depending on the material to be processed.



Suitable for common steel for use up to R 1200 N/mm², stainless steels, aluminum alloys with Si ≤ 10% and long-chip copper alloys. These taps are made of high-speed steel PM for high hardness and excellent toughness. They undergo special surface finishing treatments and are coated with an anti-wear and an XP anti-friction layer. They are taps suitable for the most of applications, in order to allow end-users to carry a more limited stock of tools.  
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Designed for machining materials with high tensile strength up to 52 HRC. They are produced in high-speed PM steel sintered with a high percentages of vanadium and cobalt. Available with surface treatments that have high wear and oxidation resistance. The HR range includes different types of taps depending on the various possible applications.  
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Optimal for hard-to-machine and long-chip steels such as stainless steels. The basic steels are type HSSV3 with 3% vanadium, or sintered PM steel with a high content of vanadium and cobalt. The cutting geometries have been designed to enable regular chipping. Special surface finish and TXC treatment ensure high production outputs and prevent the formation of built-up cuting edges resulting from the processing of stainless steels.  
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These taps are used for machining light aluminum and long-chip copper alloys as well as soft magnetic iron (Fe). Available with alternating AZ thread; this special characteristic contributes to the breaking of the chips avoiding the formation of the coil with a number of reduced cuts and large exhaust compartments. The yellow ring series in TXC coating facilitates the sliding of the chip with a good resistance to wear, especially for the processing of aluminum alloys with silicon. (Si ≤ 10%).  
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GG taps are made of high-speed PM steel with low cuting angles, which combined with accentuated back ridges, make this type of tap suitable for machining abrasive materials such as CAST IRONS. They have an extra tolerance (6HX) and a TiAlN coating additionallu to a surface micro-finish. On request, they can be supplied with a short E-chamfer (1.5 - 2 x P) for tapping with a reduced exhaust chamber. News, besides 25° worm taps are available for application on ferrous cast irons (steel castings).  
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These taps are obtained from PM steel powders with cut geometries designed specifically for machining titanium and its alloys. 15° worm to the left  for though-holes and 15° worm to the right for blind holes. Both types are also available with 4HX tolerance. NEW: 25° worml taps with alternating AZ thread are also available for use with blind holes. Also available with vaporization treatment to enhance the flowing of the chips, and TiCN for machining the toughest alloys.  
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The cutting geometry and structure of the reinforced tap body, have been designed for application with nickel and its alloys. 10° worm to the left for  through-holes and 10° worm to the right with chipbreaker for blind holes. Both types are also available with 4HX tolerance. For blind holes, 25° worm taps are also available with rear taper.  
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These taps are designed for synchronized rigid tapping and are realized with sintered steels from powders of excellent quality. They are adjusted with h6 shank tolerance which is much more accurate than taps of normal production. This ensures maximum accuracy at high cutting speed. They can also be used with a spindle with thermal joining. The cutting geometries are quite marked and minimize contact between the tool and material being processed, but this requires a rigid link with the spindle at micro compensation.  
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Hard metal taps with straight cuts for machining of abrasive material such as cast iron and aluminum alloys with a high percentage of Si. Available with a central hole for the flow of the lubricant and possibly supplied with TiCN coating for the threading of hardened steel (up to 62HRC) with HM-XT straight-cut taps. Taps with and without grooves are also available; both types with a central hole for the passage of the internal lubricant.  
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X rolling and threading tools are high-performance taps in sintered PM steel. The coatings are combined with special surface preparation processes to minimize the friction between the tool and material. This leads to a considerable increase in the tap yield. Available with CC and without SC channels and with 6HX tolerance and news, also 6GX tolerance available now. The X-SERIES taps are available with a center hole for internal lubricant flow (FOR type or FORY radial type). On request also with type E spigot.  
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